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Bus Stop Advertising

3.75 millionbus rides per day*
50%Of those who are regularly exposed to bus stop ads visit Orchard Road at least once a month

Source: Straits Times 2024, Milieu Canvas 2020

New Digital Screens in the Heartlands

Reach the Masses with Enhanced Brand Experience


This June, JCDecaux Singapore is excited to launch 62 new Digital screens, increasing our digital footprint on the Streets to a total of 100 screens islandwide! 

100Digital Screens Islandwide
28MWeekly Impressions

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Data-driven OOH for bus stop advertising

Rich location data makes a difference by enabling informed decisions on the choice of media at our bus shelters. Mobility insights from our Streetside Audience Measurement fuel campaign optimisation, relevance and audience targeting to distinguish exceptional brands. By using points of interest, reach and audience impressions, advertisers can tailor media plans according to OOH campaign objectives.

Guaranteed visibility in prime advertising locations

We curate advertising networks along popular commuting routes, offering media spaces of the best quality in the prime locations to connect brands with audiences.


Wide-ranging selection of bus shelters islandwide situated near residential town centres make an impression on residents during their regular activities, while businesses will be well placed to heighten presence among PMET in the Central Business District for optimal exposure.

Nearly half of affluent shoppers visit Orchard Road once a month or more. Strategic placement of our OOH media sites at bus shelters amidst international brands reach out to this premium audience, building brand stature while driving well-heeled tourists and shoppers directly to stores nestled in this retail haven.

Innovative advertising campaigns

We work with brands to realise their creative vision and to transform the transport experience. Inspired by a spirit of innovation, our experienced in-house team has created life-sized custom builds, dynamic OOH ads and interactive DOOH, seeing an idea through from conceptualisation to fruition while being committed to the highest standards of quality.

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