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OUR BELIEFS. Being the Best.


JCDecaux delivers excellence in all aspects of our work, priding ourselves on offering first-class services in media planning, production, delivery and maintenance to our stakeholders.


The capital of trust between JCDecaux and third parties, local authorities, advertisers, financial or contractual partners is based on the fact that JCDecaux is known to deliver on our promises. Doing better than our contractual obligations is one of our key values.


Openness in our dealings with local authorities, financial markets and our employees, compliance with the rules of fair competition, publication of reliable and adequate information, clear and fair treatment of our partners – these are the fundamental principles enabling JCDecaux to preserve and expand the capital of trust it enjoys.

OUR CORE VALUES. Outdoing ourselves.


JCDecaux has a passion for innovation in every project with constant development for cutting-edge technology.


JCDecaux is committed to delivering the best quality products maintained to the highest standards, fully considering our impact on urban life.


At the heart of JCDecaux is the union of form and function ensuring the best integration in the specific local urban landscape.


Adhering to an internationally recognized responsible corporate approach, JCDecaux is the only outdoor company recognized by ethics rating agencies for our environmental sustainability effort. Find out more about sustainability at JCDecaux

Bizsafe Star Certified. Excellence in Safety and Service.

Since 2016, JCDecaux Singapore has been awarded the Bizsafe star by the Workplace Safety and Health Council of Singapore, demonstrating our excellence in the WHS (Work Health and Safety) management system. In 2019, we obtained ISO 45001 certificate which is an international standard for health and safety at work. Bizsafe Star Certification and ISO 45001 complement JCDecaux Group's Health & Safety Policy to ensure safer and healthier workplace practices not just for JCDecaux employees but our suppliers and partners too. 


JCDecaux consistently upholds a high standard of maintenance and safety. We maintain a full—time team of Operatives who are trained in the areas of cleaning, repairs, electrical and safety. This commitment to maintenance and safety is exemplified through our excellent track record at Changi Airport, where we have exclusively managed the pan-airport advertising concession since 2011. In 2023, JCDecaux and Changi Airport extended their partnership by renewing the advertising concession for seven years, spanning from 2023 to 2029, with an option for an additional five-year extension. This third contract signifies our ongoing dedication to creating, innovating, maintaining, and delivering a best-in-class advertising experience, befitting a world class airport like Singapore Changi.

a responsible & reliable operator

We fully understand the importance of hassle-free payments and timely reports to our partners. We seek to win the long-term trust of the authorities by being collaborative and responsible, sustaining a relationship built on trust and reliability.

strive for continuous improvement & service excellence

JCDecaux continually reviews our operational and service processes to ensure effectiveness and relevance.  We regularly update our operational know-how and re-train our staff to keep abreast of changes. This proactive approach keeps us rethinking and remaking our business every day.