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Evaluate campaign performance and accurately measure against your desired KPIs


JCDecaux has partnered with Attest, a leading online market research platform to help you assess the effectiveness of your OOH campaigns throughout the marketing funnel – from advertising recall to its influence on consumers’ perceptions, and uplift in consideration & purchase intent.

Harnessing data gathered from sensors, we track incremental footfalls following a drive-to-store campaign, or brand metrics after a branding campaign with custom surveys. Leverage measurement solutions to objectively assess your campaign impact and areas for growth and future optimization.


Metrics we can measure  

Ad recall 
Top-of-mind awareness 
Prompted brand awareness 
Impact of the creative
Uplift in consideration 
Purchase intent 

Key findings from our past studies include:

Over 60% of audiences recall seeing advertisement at bus shelter on average​  
30%of audiences who have noticed bus stop ads have searched online about the advertised product following ad exposure
94% of Chinese travellers at Changi Airport claim they will be influenced by advertising at the airport 
Over 50%Singaporeans remember seeing ads in shopping malls

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