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Create an immersive brand experience in high-traffic areas

Engage premium shoppers with high spending power near the point of sales

Garner high brand exposure at strategic touchpoints along the shopper’s journey

Exude prestige with premium ads at the heart of the mall amidst high-end luxury stores

Achieve high brand retention at sites with long dwell times

Maximise brand awareness at locations with high footfall

Attain top-of-mind brand recall with strategic placement where PMEBs pass through on their daily commute

Maximise brand recall with strategically-located touch points for multiple exposure

Enhance brand messages with animated visuals and repeated exposure along the busiest linkway on Orchard Road

Create memorable impressions with impactful advertising displays

Attain brand presence along the busiest stretch of Orchard Road

Enrich shoppers' in-mall experience with eye catching media solutions