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OOH and the path to purchase

We recognise the importance of moments and the role they play in the consumers’ path to purchase. By understanding how consumers are prompted to make decisions along their journey, brand messages can be targeted to create awareness among intended audiences for increased ROI. Brand awareness and greater engagement with audiences can be achieved by using out-of-home (OOH) campaigns as part of an omni-channel strategy, in particular by mobile and OOH integration.

The advent of digital out-of-home (DOOH) creates more opportunities for advertisers to engage audiences with digital innovative campaigns.

Benefits of OOH

The variety of OOH platforms run the gamut, encompassing large format billboards and digital screens at retail spaces and on-screen cinema ads. Our OOH ads create brand awareness and meet other advertising objectives, such as online activation and drive-to-store, for companies in Singapore. They provide the following benefits:

Brand awareness

The prominence of OOH platforms ensures the campaign’s high visibility among selected customer profiles, generating high brand awareness among target audiences who turn into potential customers. Amidst today’s fragmented and cluttered media landscape, OOH still stands out as a channel that aggregates audience with its strength as a “one-to-many” advertising medium.

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Greater brand trust

OOH is perceived as a prime medium. Therefore, campaigns on these platforms render an enhanced brand value and trust in the consumer’s mind.

Proximity to store

Also known as the “last window of influence”, OOH is the dominant media that influences consumers 30 minutes prior to making their purchase. Tapping on key moments of the consumers’ path to purchase is crucial in inspiring customers’ decisions.

Integral part of an omni-channel strategy 

As part of an omni-channel strategy, OOH is able to garner awareness among audiences offline to drive action online by directing potential customers to channels that are included in the brand’s marketing mix. Research from Nielsen has shown that OOH ads prompted 4 in 10 audiences to either visit a page or post a message on social media, proving the effectiveness of the medium to trigger online activity.

Unlimited potential for creative advertising campaigns 

OOH offers avenues for creativity. Dynamic OOH campaigns expand the range of creative possibilities in advertising to drive higher audience engagement. Contextually relevant ads capture the attention of audiences in Singapore, such as through customised content or content powered by real-time feeds to raise brand awareness. These types of campaigns pique the interest of audiences to garner brand awareness, leading consumers onto the path to purchase and driving positive results from increased mindshare.

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To connect the dots in the path to purchase and raise brand awareness through ad campaigns, explore our variety of offerings.  
Based on campaign objectives like brand awareness or optimising the path to purchase, we can recommend a suite of integrated solutions to augment our OOH media offerings in Singapore that are well-suited to meet different advertising needs.

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