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Out-of-Home advertising

is one of the oldest forms of media and is the only traditional media segment to show consistent growth in global advertising sales over the past decade. OOH is also the most powerful traditional media to drive online activity. As people spend an increasing amount of time outside their homes, advertisers will need to engage consumers at multiple touch points across different platforms. 

The advent of digital out-of-home (DOOH) creates more opportunities for advertisers to engage audiences with digital innovative campaigns.


Encompassing large format billboards, smart digital signage, retail space ads and cinema ads, out-of-home media, or outdoor media provides the following benefits : 


The prominence of OOH platforms ensures high visibility and therefore high awareness of outdoor advertising campaigns.  

Proximity to store 

OOH is the dominant media to influence consumers in the 30 minutes prior to shopping, also known as the “last window of influence”. It is a key medium on consumers’ path to purchase. 

Build brand trust 

OOH is perceived as a premium medium, and brands advertising on these platforms are associated with the value of the medium.  

Integral part of an omni-channel marketing approach 

OOH is able to drive online activation, directing potential customers to channels that are included in the marketing mix. 

Varied opportunities for creative advertising campaigns 

OOH offers avenues for contextually relevant ads to engage audiences, such as through customised content or content powered by real-time feeds