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Singaporeans who shop regularly at malls in town
51%have a household income of >SGD9000
71%purchase fashion products regularly
55%say their purchase decisions are impacted by advertising near stores


Our presence in Singapore's most luxurious malls serve as a bridge between brands and patrons, including families, high-net-worth individuals and PMEBs (professionals, managers, executives and businessmen). With 57% of consumers paying attention to shopping mall ads, we invest in quality media that enhances the shopper experience in premium shopping malls, drawing customers to nearby stores just before purchases.

Data-driven media solutions with audience measurement

Our state-of-the-art solutions power audience-centric marketing. Valuable data from our traffic sensors quantifies audiences in these locations, providing insights for the media buy.

Data capabilities in our shopping mall sites include digital OOH ads with dynamic content tapping on live data feeds.

This data helps to target audiences more precisely by displaying visuals that vary according to changes in the data feed resulting in:

  • 17% increase in ad awareness
  • 16% sales uplift
ION Orchard sees 8% higher trafficon weekends compared to weekdays
Shoppers are most likely to visit luxury cosmetic storesin the late afternoon to early evening on weekends

OOH ads drive shopper conversion

  • Over 60% of shoppers find shopping mall ads helpful in prompting them to decide what to purchase
  • 23% of consumers have visited the physical store advertised as a direct result of seeing an OOH ad


An international luxury brand ran a 4-week OOH campaign on large-size formats and digital screens in ION Orchard to raise awareness for the launch of their new lip product.


Traffic sensors revealed that the campaign:
  • Generated +4% incremental footfall to the brand's boutique store
  • Exerted influence with 78% of store visitors exposed to the ad

Shopping malls are avenues for brands to tell their stories and inspire purchase decisions. The influence of OOH ads on shoppers near stores makes retail advertising a large part of OOH advertising in many countries, including Singapore. By integrating the retail space with advertising media, we create immersive brand experiences which are integral to the draw of retail.

Target key audiences

Audiences who frequent ION Orchard, Raffles City, Suntec City, Funan and Jewel have a shopping mindset. JCDecaux’s quality media in Singapore’s most eminent malls offer a unique opportunity for brands to reach out to desirable audience segments.

6 in 10 Affluent Shoppersshop regularly at malls in town and frequent ION Orchard
3 in 4 PMEBsdine out at malls regularly and are inclined to visit malls near where they work such as Raffles City, Suntec City and Funan
Young Families are 3Xmore likely to choose family-oriented environments when they go shopping compared to other Singaporeans, making Suntec City and Jewel their preferred destinations
1 in 2 Millennialsvisit Orchard Road and City Hall regularly, making up most of the patrons at ION Orchard, Raffles City and Funan

Sources: Milieu Portraits, Milieu Insight & JCDecaux Singapore, Consumer Actions Driven by Traditional Advertising, 2019