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Data-driven approach to optimise planning

JCDecaux ONE: Optimise offers a data-driven approach to OOH advertising through campaign planning and content delivery powered by data. Advertisers will benefit from flexible planning of media campaigns based on audience impressions, insights and points of interest, as well as possibilities to personalise the content with the integration of live feeds. This approach paves the way for programmatic trading of out-of-home.

Audience measurement

Audience measurement quantifies the out-of-home audience and forms the basis of “JCDecaux ONE: Optimise”, the first step in campaign optimisation. Advertisers can define campaign objectives and set targets to measure marketing ROI of outdoor campaigns using  measurable KPIs such as 
  • Impressions

  • Unique Audience

  • Frequency

  • Reach

For transparency and accountability to advertisers, we have developed rigorous methods based on our expertise and experience in OOH media in Singapore and around the world, with different measurement systems factoring in the unique characteristics of outdoor and indoor environments. This data is then translated to actionable insights for brands to refine audience targeting.

Airport Audience Measurement

Developed as the first international audience measurement tool for the airport industry, the Airport Audience Measurement was developed by JCDecaux to offer advertisers and agencies standard metrics across the globe. It is a scientific approach backed by both external and internal data sources, taking into consideration the specific features of airports such as passenger movements around the airport. Data from the Airport Audience Measurement is compatible with programmatic platforms.

Streetside Audience Measurement

The first Streetside Audience Measurement provides advertisers with more reliable actionable data derived from audiences’ actual travel patterns instead of traditional methods of recall. Developed in partnership with a leading telco operator in Singapore, the Streetside Audience Measurement leverages mobile phone signals to garner insights on audiences’ travel patterns across Singapore. The methodology factors in audience routes beyond their regular commute, traffic orientation as well as orientation of advertising panels.

Increase your marketing ROI with Audience Measurement


VIOOH (Viewed Impressions for Out-of-Home)

VIOOH (Viewed Impressions for Out-of-Home) is an integrated platform to facilitate programmatic OOH transactions, making OOH media more accessible to advertisers. It brings together data and technology to enable brand safe and measurable advertising, while connecting brands with the right audience through outdoor media.
Targeting options in VIOOH include campaign budget, campaign period, channels as well as audience, which are assembled into the perfect combination for effective and data-driven campaign delivery. 

VIOOH Automation 

We make use of platforms such as VIOOH automation to tailor data-driven ad campaigns in Singapore by identifying the prime advertising placement for campaigns based on impressions derived from audience and location data. VIOOH enables flexible ad playout based on campaign objectives and is equipped with the ability to integrate with Demand-side Platforms (DSPs) for programmatic out-of-home campaigns.
Digital OOH campaigns can be optimised through data-driven campaign planning and dynamic content delivery while targeting for static campaigns can be refined with strategic ad placement and adaptation of creatives based on nearby amenities and points of interest.

VIOOH Content

Our suite of digital innovative solutions works effectively to engage and entertain today’s audiences in Singapore, such as by incorporating live feeds to produce dynamic content and making advertisements more contextually relevant to target audiences. VIOOH Content allows for simple and accessible optimisation of creatives for campaigns to achieve mass personalisation in advertising.