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Data-driven OOH advertising

Data forms the core of our strategy in connecting brands with audiences. Our media offer is tailored with optimised campaign planning and developed based on audience mobility patterns, as well as a knowledge of audience behaviour following exposure to OOH advertising near points of interest. Research is also carried out on audience habits before and after ad exposure to assess the efficiency of the media buy, providing advertisers with quantifiable, measurable results.

Building upon this foundation of audience data is our programmatic OOH offer that connects our premium media inventory to the programmatic digital ecosystem.


Audience measurement

JCDecaux’s audience measurement is developed through the study of audience mobility patterns within a specific environment to derive quantifiable campaign KPIs such as

Unique Audience

Tapping on our expertise and experience in OOH media in Singapore and around the world, the different measurement systems factor in the unique characteristics of outdoor and indoor environments. This data is then translated to actionable insights for brands to refine audience targeting.

Airport Audience Measurement

The Airport Audience Measurement (AAM) is the first international audience measurement tool developed for the airport industry by JCDecaux. Offering advertisers and agencies standard metrics across the globe, it takes into consideration the airport’s specific features and passenger journeys such as movements around departure and arrival zones, beginning from check-in to boarding, and immigration to baggage collection and transport to the city. This methodology is a scientific approach backed by both external and internal data sources, and approved by the CESP, an independent joint industry committee in charge of auditing media audience measurement services in France

Streetside Audience Measurement

The Streetside Audience Measurement (SAM) is the first study of Singapore’s outdoor audience mobility patterns carried out in partnership with Dataspark. By leveraging mobile phone signals, the anonymised data offers deeper insight into motorist and pedestrian numbers, frequency of repeated travel patterns, and exposure to OOH ads within a day or week. These insights translate to better optimisation of campaigns for a more targeted media buy. 

Audience Research

Research on audiences is carried out to better understand reactions and behaviour following OOH ad exposure in different environments, and the incremental effect of OOH when combined with other media channels. These findings are useful for advertisers in mapping out the path to purchase with OOH as an integral part of a holistic marketing strategy for both branding and drive-to-store campaigns. 

Key findings from our past studies include:
•    78% of audiences who have noticed bus stop ads have taken brand actions on their mobile devices following ad exposure
•    57% of Singaporeans remembered seeing shopping mall ads in the past month
•    49% of Singaporeans have taken brand actions after seeing large format billboard ads
•    77% of Changi Airport passengers remember seeing advertising at the airport

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Programmatic OOH in Singapore

Advertisers now enjoy greater ease of access to premium OOH inventory via VIOOH, our Supply Side Platform (SSP). Being connected to key omnichannel Demand Side Platforms (DSPs) enables simultaneous trading for programmatic OOH and digital media campaigns with a brand-safe, audience-based approach coupled with more flexible campaign planning.