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After a 2-year hiatus, Terminal 4 has reopened on 13 September 2022 to welcome passengers traveling on more than 10 airlines ( that have resumed operations at Changi's newest terminal which open in 2017 - with more airlines in the coming months.    


This is followed closely by T2 whose southern wing will reopen on 11 October 2022 after its South Arrival level re-opened at end May 2022.  Both terminals' re-opening are designed to meet the sharp recovery in passenger throughput for the year-end air travel season.

68.3 Million passengers2019
Over 1000advertising faces
3rd in the worldfor Duty Free Spend

World's Best Airport

THE PREMIUM LOCATION. Cultivate Brand Image.

Changi Airport has been crowned the world’s leading airport for eight consecutive years.  Airports confer a perceived value of trust and prestige onto brands advertising in this environment, and majority of travellers expect to see reputable brands advertising at the airport. Media sites at the airport are located close to point of purchase, capturing the attention of passengers ready to spend at duty-free stores. This makes the airport a premium location for creative and impactful OOH media campaigns, complemented by our advertising billboard and digital OOH solutions.

The airport hosts an elite audience from across the globe, including business travellers and high-net-worth individuals, with a 6% year-on-year growth in airport traffic. Our cutting-edge media solutions comprising impressive digital displays and billboards have been developed to cater to the airport travellers’ state-of-mind and encourage purchase decisions.

Airport Billboard and Digital Displays

Our airport advertising solutions allow brands to leverage audiences' long dwell time at the airport. With advertising sites situated in proximity to premium stores, the airport environment nurtures a frame of mind for shopping among a receptive audience, ready to indulge themselves. The variety of formats in our portfolio, such as light boxes, billboards and digital screens, are placed at premium advertising sites specifically at key traveller touchpoints at the airport.

Each airport billboard provides high visibility and allows for viewing from a long distance. They are capable of commanding the attention of the target market and creating a strong mindshare. Our digital displays at the airport are also able to capture the attention of target audiences who are on the move. The network of digital screens broadcast brand messages near stores to target audiences on multiple touchpoints.


Leverage on your audience's long dwell time at the airport and the advertising sites’ proximity to premium stores. The airport environment also nurtures a frame of mind for shopping among a receptive audience, ready to indulge themselves.

Terminal 1


Terminal 1 serves as a bustling gateway for regional and international passengers travelling within Southeast Asian regions, as well as Europe and Middle East. Serving 21% of the airport's traffic, it is used by major airlines such as Emirates, Air France and British Airways.

Terminal 2


As the busiest terminal with 34% of the total airport traffic, Terminal 2 caters to flights from the Asia-Pacific, India and Middle East regions. With multiple media sites designed to awe and drive brand recall, it serves as the ideal hub for brands looking to penetrate the Asian market.

Terminal 3


Serving 33% of the total airport traffic, Terminal 3 is the hub for long haul travellers from North America, Europe, Middle East and Africa. The terminal’s state-of-the-art architecture exudes grandeur, befitting its status as the home of the national carrier, Singapore Airlines. Passengers can indulge in a world-class shopping experience at luxury duplexes housing premium brands.

Terminal 4


Changi Airport's newest terminal opened its doors in Q4 of 2017, serving 12% of airport traffic. It pioneered the airport's advanced and seamless check-in system designed to maximise passenger's time spent in transit. This increased dwell time leads to greater exposure to our innovative media sites, granting brands a greater opportunity for effective audience engagement. 

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