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THE PREMIUM LOCATION. Cultivate Your Brand Image.

Changi Airport has been awarded its prestige as a leading airport worldwide through serving a premium audience of business travellers and high net worth individuals. Running 3 terminals, with a 4th one opening in late October this year, Changi Airport aims to improve and inspire travelling among the passengers it serves. Singapore Changi Airport boasts excellent interiors, enhancing the passenger experience through the provision of extensive retail stores as well as lush and open environments. Within Changi Airport, our iconic and cutting edge media has been developed and installed to cater to the mindset and behavior of your target audience.



Leverage on your audience's long dwelling time at the airport. Besides being a world class airport, Changi Airport is the premier aviation hub in Southeast Asia, serving a high number of passengers annually. The airport environment also encourages a positive shopping state of mind among a captive and receptive audience, ready to indulge themselves.



In Millions


Terminal 1 

A Mix Of International & Regional Passengers

Terminal 1 serves as a bustling gateway for regional and international passengers travelling within Southeast Asian regions, as well as Europe and Middle East. Serving 21% of the airport's traffic, it is used by major airlines such as Emirates, Air France & British Airways.


Terminal 2 

The Platform to Major Southeast Asian Countries

Airport's busiest terminal with 34% of the total airport traffic, Terminal 2 caters flights from Asia-Pacific, India and Middle East regions. With multiple media sites designed to awe and encourage brand recall, it provides the ideal hub for brands to penetrate the Asian market.


Terminal 3

The Hub to a Premium International Audience

Serving 33 % of the total airport traffic, Terminal 3 is the hub for long haul travelers from North America, Europe, Middle East and Africa. The terminal's innovative architecture reflects grandeur. Its luxury shopping duplexes give passengers a world class shopping experience. It is also the home of national flag-carrier, Singapore Airlines.


Terminal 4

A New Era of Modern Travel

Changi's newest terminal opened its doors in Q4 of 2017, pioneering the airport's advanced and seamless check-in system designed to maximise passenger's time spent in transit. Increased dwelling time implies greater exposure to our innovative media sites, granting brands a greater opportunity for effective audience engagement. The Terminal serves 12% of the total airport traffic