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JCDecaux manages a wide range of out-of-home advertising sites islandwide for brands to connect with audiences on-the-go. Our out-of-home advertising platforms target High Net Worth Individuals, fashion and luxury buyers, PMEBs and affluent travellers across Singapore. As the most diversified outdoor advertising network in Singapore, our media spaces at Changi Airportpremium shopping mallslarge format billboardscinemas and bus shelters build awareness and stature for brands. 

With our expertise in the design, installation and maintenance of out-of-home advertising assets, we strive to deliver value to all stakeholders. These include partners, advertisers and consumers who benefit from our premium service standards, constant innovation and integration of technological solutions into the built environment.

Media planning & recommendation

Outdoor media fits into an omni-channel strategy by increasing brand awareness to the masses or serving as an extension of a brand experience at supplementary touchpoints. 
At the planning stage, we leverage data to make recommendations from our full range of media, enabling brands to target key audiences at strategic locations. This process of designing media buys is part of JCDecaux ONE, a suite of integrated solutions for an audience-centric approach to outdoor advertising campaigns. In addition, this suite of solutions encompasses a spectrum of creative possibilities to engage audiences given the versatility of out-of-home advertising to integrate with the surroundings. The effectiveness of campaigns can also be evaluated based on whether it has fulfilled set objectives. 


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Production & Quality

We cover printing and installations of advertisements including 3D builds, ensuring stringent quality control in the process. Our choice of materials helps us adhere to high production standards that meets the needs of premium global brands. The quality and condition of every advertising site is upheld through regular inspections, cleaning and maintenance.

Creative and Dynamic Solutions

The nature of out-of-home advertising allows for endless creative possibilities to engage audiences. View our range of Innovative OOH solutions.

Tap on real-time data to incorporate live feeds in campaigns, delivering highly personalised content at scale.

Campaign optimisation and evaluation

We lead the shift in adopting a data-driven approach to campaigns. Insights from audience measurement metrics such as number of unique audiences, and audiences’ ad and brand perceptions allow brands to make informed decisions to optimise and evaluate OOH campaigns. These metrics allow us to deliver greater transparency and accountability to our clients.

Monetising Traffic

We manage and maintain advertisement sites in dedicated advertising spaces within built environments with high traffic, allowing asset owners to reap greater returns from their properties.

Enhancing attractiveness

By working with top international brands and using only quality materials, our advertising sites integrate seamlessly into urban environments while adding an air of sophistication. With the display of attractive advertisements for prestigious brands, it creates a conducive retail environments by placing consumers in the mood for shopping.