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Offline & online brand actions after traditional ad exposure

This study explores differences in brand actions taken after exposure to traditional media in Singapore, including OOH advertising. The study also examined consumers’ exposure to and the impact of different OOH channels as well as their attitudes to outdoor advertising. 

This study, commissioned by JCDecaux Singapore, was carried out by Milieu Insight, a Singapore-based consumer research firm. The study was conducted from October 22nd to October 25th 2019 and is based on N=1,000 respondents that are representative of the Singapore population. ​

An impactful broadcast medium for long-term brand building, OOH advertising triggers both physical and online brand actions among consumers. Outdoor advertising is an integral part of Singapore's cityspace, reaching out to audiences in their everyday environment and generating incremental effects when complemented with other media such as mobile. With clearly defined campaign objectives, marketers can utilise the strengths of outdoor media to create an effective media mix.

Key findings:

  • 71% of consumers have taken some form of brand action after seeing an ad on traditional media
  • 80% of consumers have taken action on their mobile devices after being exposed to ads on traditional media
  • OOH prompts 48% of consumers to search for information on mobile devices