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JCDecaux ONE

JCDecaux One is a suite of integrated solutions for an audience-centric approach to OOH advertising, delivering accountability and flexibility for data-driven campaigns. It covers the entire process of your media buy, beginning from campaign planning and optimisation to creative execution and finally measuring the campaign’s effectiveness.


JCDecaux ONE: Optimise

Flexible planning and optimisation of static and digital OOH media campaigns enable advertisers to tailor media buys to suit campaign objectives. Leverage data to make informed decisions with audience impressions derived from our Airport Audience Measurement and Streetside Audience Measurement. Design a media buy based on audience impressions, insights as well as points of interest with VIOOH Automation, and power data-driven delivery of dynamic content with VIOOH Content.

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JCDecaux ONE: eNgage

Out-of-home advertising has a huge potential to enhance brand engagement with key audiences given its versatility and ability to integrate into the surroundings. With this canvas for creativity, contextual DOOH advertisements create brand experiences that are relevant to audiences, paving the way for meaningful interactions to effectively engage audiences while building lasting relationships.

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JCDecaux ONE: Evaluate

The final step in a campaign entails evaluating its effectiveness by whether it has fulfilled set objectives, be it branding or drive to store. Harnessing data gathered from technological devices or audience surveys, we are able to measure incremental footfall following a drive to store campaign and brand metrics after a branding campaign.

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