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JCDecaux ONE

JCDecaux One is a suite of integrated solutions for an audience-centric approach to OOH advertising, delivering accountability and flexibility for data-driven campaigns. Our solutions cover the entire process of your media buy, from campaign planning and optimisation to creative execution and finally measuring campaign effectiveness.

JCDecaux ONE: Optimise

OOH Planner

Pre-planning OOH tool that identifies where your target audiences are.


Audience-based Planning

The OOH Planner is a pre-planning tool that identifies where your target audiences are. Powered by Adsquare, a global leading audience and location intelligence platform, it uses JCDecaux market’s local data and Points-Of-Interest for your audience-based network planning.

Simple Pre-Planning in 3 Steps

DEFINEyour target audience for your campaign
IDENTIFYyour customized audience segments
DESIGNa customized network best tailored towards your campaign objectives

Smarter Media Planning Starts Today


Advertisers can tailor media buys by leveraging our audience data to make informed decisions. Backed with audience impressions derived from our Airport Audience Measurement, Hourly Impression Measurement and Streetside Audience Measurement, this data empowers precise audience targeting based on impressions, insights as well as points of interest.

Our out-of-home media is available on programmatic platforms to facilitate automated cross-channel media buying, such as pairing OOH and mobile campaigns to provide a seamless brand experience across different consumer touchpoints.

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JCDecaux ONE: eNgage

Our range of digital creative solutions tailor brand experiences to audiences, integrating ads with the surroundings while deepening engagement. We offer the mass personalisation of dynamic content to create contextual DOOH advertisements that build lasting relationships, as well as trigger conversion by amplifying the reach of OOH campaigns with drive-to-store solutions.

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JCDecaux ONE: Evaluate

Our media delivers measurable results to demonstrate marketing ROI. Harnessing data gathered from sensors, we track incremental footfall following a drive to store campaign, or brand metrics after a branding campaign with custom surveys.

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