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A crucial node in the consumer’s path to purchase, OOH delivers the “Last Window of Influence” to inform purchase decisions immediately prior to a store visit. Especially effective when placed in close proximity to stores, drive-to-store ads target consumers when they are in the right frame of mind to influence buying behaviour. Prompting sales activations is becoming an increasingly common campaign objective for marketers.

Optimising campaigns

Strategic ad placement boosts store traffic. We identify outdoor media sites that are closest to a brand’s stores by harnessing both location data and audience profile data. This enables brands to make informed decisions on OOH ad placement to direct potential customers to the point of sale.

Engaging consumers

Targeted messaging is key to campaign effectiveness. Our offerings help advertisers increase the relevance of their brand messages to consumers through contextual advertising. Besides being tailored to locations, campaigns could incorporate real-time data to customise content or audience-triggered content to capture the interest of passers-by.

Evaluating campaign performance

There has been strong interest from brands to measure the impact of OOH advertising on sales and store visits, as well as to gather customer insights. Advertisers will gain access to mobile technology solutions from our partners to gain insight on audiences and store visitorship. We also provide measurement through traffic sensors that track the number of store visits in order to establish a link between audiences who viewed the ad and those who visited the store.  

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