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Consumers on the go seek information to inform their purchase decisions. A crucial node in the consumer’s path to purchase, OOH delivers the “Last Window of Influence” to influence decisions immediately prior to a store visit. Drive-to-store is one of the most common campaign objectives sought by advertisers.

Eye-catching and relevant OOH advertising placed in close proximity to stores convey brand messages to consumers in specific environments and target consumers as they are in the right frame of mind.

What is a Drive-to-Store Campaign

A drive-to-store ad is an advertising campaign that delivers messages along consumers' path to purchase in ways that influences their buying decisions.

Tracking drive-to-store with JCDecaux ONE:Evaluate

Strategic ad placement directs consumers to the point of sale to boost store traffic. There has been increasing interest from brands to measure the impact of OOH advertising on sales and store visits, as well as to gather customer insights. Brands can now gain valuable information by tapping on these solutions under JCDecaux ONE: Evaluate.

Payment solutions in OOH

Panels can be transformed to a point-of-sale to prompt an immediate action to purchase for audiences seeing the advertisement.

Traffic sensors

Using traffic sensors as drive-to-store measurement allows for the tracking of incremental store visits to establish a link between audiences who viewed the ad and those who visited the store. The metrics used to determine this are:
  • Total Impressions

  • Unique Audience

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