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The departure gate hold rooms are a captive environment for travellers at Changi Airport who wait approximately half an hour before their flights take off. In this distinct environment, travellers were free to use more than 100 charging station units in such rooms across Changi Airport Terminals 1 to 3, which displayed messages such as “More recharged”, “More connected” and a call-to-action to visit a website from DBS’s “Live more, Bank less” campaign.

This meant that the advertisements on the charging stations offered an average dwell time of 20-30 minutes, which was a considerable amount of time allowing travellers to charge their devices adequately. Additionally, it was placed conveniently at a waiting area right next to comfortable seating, so that the travellers could enjoy the amenities offered without any interruption to their airport journey. This served to enhance DBS’s relationship with the audience by strengthening the brand’s association with relevant convenience, comfort and connectivity at the opportune moment.