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JCDecaux Singapore expanded its inventory available for programmatic buying to include premium Mallscape networks.  This latest offer includes 39 digital screens that amount to 42M monthly impressions at ION Orchard, Raffles City and Jewel.

Singapore, 6th April 2021 – Following the successful launch of our Programmatic OOH offers on our Streetside Digital Networks in Orchard and the Central Business District in 2020, we have expanded the inventory to include our premium Mallscape networks in April 2021. 

Capture Your Desired Impressions with Retail Malls pDOOH

Since April 2021, JCDecaux had included 39 digital screens that amount to 42M monthly impressions to our Programmatic DOOH offer with our premium Mallscape digital networks at ION Orchard, Raffles City and Jewel. You can now reach affluent shoppers, PMETs and families at the most opportune time with even greater flexibility and efficiency – when they are out shopping and in the mood for purchase.

Smarter Media Planning with Hourly Impression Measurement

Powered by the Hourly Impression Measurement (HIM), JCDecaux’s Mallscape pDOOH provides audience data points derived from traffic sensors to capture the Impressions for campaigns. You may plan your media based on audience impressions, frequency and unique audience numbers right down to the hour. With HIM, you will be able to execute your OOH campaigns to better meet your defined objectives and optimize your media investment in a smarter way.

Advertisers looking to optimize media planning, enhance brand engagement and evaluate campaign outcomes can employ this integrated suite of solutions under JCDecaux ONE.

Reach audiences that matter to you - At the Right Place and Time

In this climate of recovery, leverage the flexibility of precise audience targeting to drive your consumers to store at key moments like the Last Window of Influence. Adapt to the evolving landscape and utilize the last touchpoint to attract quality shoppers that are ready to make a purchase. 

Create a seamless brand experience in your multi-channel marketing mix as you reach out to over 100M monthly impressions across JCDecaux’s Streetside and Retail Mall networks. This consolidation and unification of media buys create more avenues for seamless planning of campaigns on a single platform with greater flexibility, transparency and agility.

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