Up to 320 million impressions delivered monthly across JCDecaux’s digital screens at bus shelters, shopping malls and Changi Airport.  

Gain visibility among premium audiences where it matters.








Optimise efficiency and spend with precision.

Adapt media buy according to defined parameters. Heighten relevance of brand messages to audience with dynamic content powered by real-time feeds such as time and weather.






Flexible campaign planning for quick activation

Select from different parameters to define campaign outreach and rapidly deploy brand messages to digital screens. 








Convenient access to multi-channel DSPs through the same platform.

OOH campaigns can be bought with mobile or online campaigns to unify brand communications across multiple touchpoints in an omnichannel marketing strategy







Manage control of DOOH audience targeting

Adopt an audience-centric approach to media buying based on number of impressions delivered through OOH media. Our audience mobility insights inform programmatic media buying decisions






Programmatic OOH is performance driven

Measure performance to optimise campaigns live and assess media attribution across multiple digital channels



SYNERGY. OOH advertising solutions that are easily integrated into online campaigns

Being a part of the established digital ecosystem, access our islandwide OOH media on major multi-channel Demand Side Platforms.