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What is Programmatic

How iT IS Redefining OOH today




A Different Way of Media Buying


Programmatic Digital OOH (pDOOH) is the automated purchase of impressions on a CPM basis, in (near) real time.  It gives greater flexibility and control to advertisers when it comes to planning OOH campaigns.



Access JCDecaux’s Premium Digital Platforms Across the Island



Reach desirable audiences with the same high-quality, strategically-placed digital screens (not remnant inventory)

120M Monthly Impressions

191 Digital Screens

Across High-traffic Bus Shelters, Retail Malls and Changi Airport









ION Orchard








Raffles City

Why pDOOH?

Complement Traditional Buying Methods

It enhances the efficacy of classic network-style buys.   With the same powerful reach and frequency that you enjoy with traditional buying, pDOOH lets you deliver the right message to your desired audience at the opportune time in the right places.

DHL Digital Programmatic
DHL 6 Sheet


Gain Agility with Flexibility and Control


Decide when, where and how many impressions you buy. You will have the ability to activate and complete your campaigns outside of fixed posting periods.

Data-driven Campaign


Leverage a wealth of data to plan, adapt and execute your campaign according to parameters defined by you.  Strengthen your brand messaging with dynamic content suited to your preferred conditions such as weather, time, temperature, proximity etc.


Omni-Channel Strategy


Planning and Buying Across Multiple Channels

Harness mobile devices and technologies for expanded opportunities to converge with digital OOH campaigns. Programmatic buying platforms have brought accessibility and connectivity across multiple channels, enabling effective new ways to plan your audience-led digital OOH campaigns.

The Omni-Channel Marketing Mix

Consumers don't live their lives across only one channel, they move seamlessly from one to another and back again. That's why it's so important to take an omnichannel approach when it comes to advertising. S4M has found that combining Mobile with JCDecaux's OOH can result in 2.5X higher than one channel alone, making it critical to drive-to-store success.

James Rogers, Managing Director for the APAC region of S4M

The Private Marketplace

You will be able to trade programmatically within a private marketplace to access JCDecaux’s premium digital inventory. Let us assist and optimize your media buys as we embark on this programmatic journey together!

Our Multi-channel Partners

20 DSPs


5 DSPs


With more to come...

Our Programmatic Supply Chain

How We Trade

When trading programmatically, it is important to note that unlike other digital channels such as online and mobile, OOH is a one-to-many medium, meaning a single ad play reaches multitudes of audiences.

Activate your campaign

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Fixed Price CPM


Floor Price CPM


Briefing & Deal Set-Up

Programmatic Campaign Showcase

We’re thrilled to be helping global brands like Gucci start scaling relevant billboard campaigns across the globe. It would not be possible without the unwavering support of partners like Hivestack, VIOOH and JCDecaux Singapore. The global climate accelerated the need for versatile and relevant brand experiences that use real-time business intelligence and real world context. Powered by context, our customers can now choose the perfect conditions to advertise and rest comfortably that each creative performance is relevant.

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