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Campaign relies on real-time weather information geo-located around ION Orchard to deliver targeted advertising through digital screen network at ION Link.

Singapore, 28th March 2018 – The North Face® has partnered with JCDecaux Singapore to launch its first data-led interactive campaign at ION Orchard from March 14th 2018.

Aptly titled “STRETCH OUT”, the campaign relies on real-time weather information geo-located around ION Orchard to deliver targeted and relevant advertising to shoppers. It can be seen on JCDecaux’s 80-inch digital screen network located at ION Link, one of the busiest linkways on Orchard Road that sees thousands of pedestrians and shoppers passing through daily.

By displaying different ad copy depending on whether the outdoor weather conditions are Rainy, Sunny, or Cloudy, the campaign prompts shoppers to visit the North Face® store in ION for the latest range of outdoor apparel.

“The North Face® is pleased to kickstart JCDecaux’s inaugural Dynamic Advertising in the heart of Orchard Road, along ION Link Underpass with our biggest Spring 2018 Stretch Out campaign. This new progressive technology truly meets the demands of advertisers today by featuring customised content that evolves around the changing environmental landscape. It provides The North Face® with greater mileage and marketing value on the range of collection we are able to showcase. Overall, a worthy investment which will no doubt give us our desired ROI” said Ms Melissa Teo, Senior Brand Manager of The North Face® Singapore.

“It is exciting to bring The North Face® first contextual digital campaign to Singapore. At JCDecaux, we strive to deliver Dynamic by default approach, placing innovation at the core of what we do and constantly encouraging our client to fully leverage the power of our digital assets.” said Ms Isaline Duminil, Marketing Director of JCDecaux Singapore.

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