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JCDecaux installed audio-enabled digital screens on the escalator bulkhead of ION Link, which is part of the ION Retail Gateway Package.
ION Link leads to Orchard Road and one of the busiest underpasses towards ION Orchard. The digital screens, paired with sticker wraps on glass panels, walls and bulkhead on the escalator provides advertisers with an immersive environment to amplify brand messages in the considerable dwell time that shoppers are on the escalator.
United International Pictures is the inaugural advertiser on the upgraded site, advertising their upcoming blockbuster, Fast and Furious 8. To reinforce brand recall, they also advertised on ION Link Digital Network on 11 consecutive digital screens. This site which is right after ION Link effectively captivates shoppers, bringing them on an exciting Fast and Furious journey. 
UIP | Ion Retail Gateway April 2017

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