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Large Format Media

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Large format advertising provides an impactful advertising medium to establish a strong brand presence. JCDecaux's billboards are located at junctions of dense traffic leading to and from the city area, as well as other commercial and research hubs. These billboards offer unrivalled, visibility at all times of the day for a sustained brand exposure to both commuters and pedestrians.

Billboard Advertising in Singapore

Billboards are effective advertising platforms for brands wanting to make a statement. We provide large format outdoor or billboard advertising in Singapore as an impactful advertising medium for companies looking to establish a strong brand presence among a large group of audiences. Billboards are located on prominent buildings in Singapore, at junctions of dense traffic along the expressway and routes leading to commercial and research hubs, each billboard offers brands unrivalled visibility at all times of the day. Our suite of large format advertising solutions will be suitable for major brands looking to create brand awareness and a strong mindshare among their audiences.



Source: JCDecaux Large Format Research 2014




Keppel Road

Towering over the route connecting commuters and drivers to the Central Business District, each advertising billboard delivers impactful visuals to enable brands to reach the masses, building brand presence among audiences who frequent the expressway. It serves approximately 2.7 million cars monthly, 75% of which pass through more than thrice per week. Thus, advertising on this expressway will provide opportunities for repeated exposure and top-of-mind awareness.

People's Park Centre

The advertising billboard on People's Park Centre is an ideal site for companies seeking to communicate their brand to both locals and tourists. Those travelling from the Ayer Rajah Expressway and Central Expressway towards the Central Business District are able to view the billboard ads, which makes this mode of advertising in Singapore visible to drivers, commuters and pedestrians. Moreover, the billboards at this junction in Singapore will be highly effective in building brand awareness as the route is often plied by business decision makers, high-net-worth individuals and professionals. The building is also located at one of the busiest traffic junctions, creating opportunities for the advertising billboard to render repeated exposure to target audiences. This type of large format outdoor advertising on the expressway facilitates brand recall in as much as 83% of audiences.
People's Park Centre

Arc 380

Every month, about 2.8 million vehicles pass Arc 380 as it is situated along one of the main thoroughfares to multiple locations downtown and central Singapore. The building is also within walking distance of Bendemeer MRT station, making the billboard visible to commuters travelling to business hubs in the vicinity. With the site’s proximity to upscale residential neighbourhoods, the billboard will support brands in their advertising efforts to reach out to both business professionals and high-net-worth individuals.
Arc 380

More information on Billboards Advertising

For more information on how large format outdoor billboards and expressway ads in Singapore can be a part of your campaign, please contact us directly to enquire about advertising costs.