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  • 18.5 Million cinema attendees in 2019

  • 61% Market Share

  • 163 no. of halls

Cinema Advertising


A captive theatre environment allows for the undivided attention of audiences and this makes cinema advertising  a popular choice for companies narrating their brand stories and engaging target audiences on a deeper level.  

Being the market leader in this field, JCDecaux represents four of five cinema operators in Singapore – Shaw Theatres, Cathay Cineplexes, WE Cinemas and Filmgarde Cineplexes. Our cinema advertising network spans the heartlands and downtown locations islandwide, providing both maximum coverage for cinema ads and targeted brand exposure to PMEBs, families and millennials. 
  • Captive audience in a distraction-free environment

  • Entertaining and engaging

  • Good visual and audio quality


Market Leader in Cinema Advertising

JCDecaux currently represents 4 out of 5 cinema operators with 60% market share, boasting an extensive network of 18 cineplexes located at frequented heartland and downtown locations across the island.

On-screen cinema ads

On-screen cinema advertising, which is shown before the film runs, gives advertisers the freedom to make their ads visually interactive with full sight, sound and motion to attract the attention of a relaxed and focused audience. With high audio and visual quality, cinema ads foster an emotional connection with the audience to cultivate brand loyalty in the long run. Advertisements that pair well with the nature of the movie and the demographics of the audience further enhance their impact.

Off-screen cinema ads

The incorporation of on-screen cinema advertising and off-screen engagement allows companies to reach out to audiences across multiple touchpoints. An off-screen cinema activation encountered before entering the movie theatre can be enhanced with an on-screen advertisement to increase awareness of the brand and enhance brand recall.

View our gallery of past cinema advertising campaigns driven for renowned brands and companies in Singapore.