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Large Format Media

Monumental Presence. Lasting Impressions.

Large format advertising provides a medium for strong brand building. JCDecaux's billboards are located at junctions of dense commuting traffic in the Singapore city area, or en route between the central business district to other commercial and research hubs. Impressive and imposing to the public eye, billboard advertising accomplishes long brand exposure to both commuters and pedestrians.



Source: JCDecaux Large Format Research 2014




Keppel Road

Flanking the expressway that connects commuters and drivers to the Central Business District (CBD), the immense billboards build brand presence to influential audiences who frequent the expressway. The expressway serves approximately 2.7 million cars monthly, 75% of these pass through the expressway more than 3 times a week, providing opportunities for brands to generate impact effectively. 

People's Park Centre

Installed prominently on a cultural landmark in Singapore's Chinatown that attracts both locals and tourists, our billboard on People's Park Centre is an ideal site to communicate with a variety of audience groups amongst commuters. The billboard is located along a key driving route for the working population, in close proximity to the Central Business District, as well as smoothly linking the Ayer Rajah Expressway and the Central Expressway which provide direct routes into the city. This makes the site ideal for engaging high-net-worth individuals. Located at one of the busiest junctions in the city, the billboard also gives brands the opportunity to achieve effective brand recall, of as much as an average of 83% amongst commuters, due to the high frequency of passing traffic where 41% of drivers drive past at least 3 times  weekly and 52% of pedestrians walk past the site at least 4 times a week.
People's Park Centre

Arc 380

Situated along one of the main thoroughfares to multiple locations downtown and the Central Business District, the Arc 380 records 2.8 million in vehicular traffic every month.  The site is also strategically located within walking distance of the Bendemeer MRT stations, making it visible to commuters accessing the business hubs in the vicinity - CT Hubs and The Aperia.  The location also maintains a close proximity to upscale residential neighbourhoods, allowing advertisers to have access to both business professionals and high-net-worth individuals.
Arc 380