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VIOOH Content 

    Tapping on real-time data, live feeds can be incorporated into dynamic DOOH content for a deeper brand engagement with audiences. Examples of live data feeds on our smart digital signage are limited only by your imagination, they include

    • Time of Day

    • Weather

    • Flight Data

    • Social Feed


    Encourage audiences to interact with your brand and trigger drive to store as part of an omnichannel strategy. Audiences will be able to instantly download vouchers and exclusive offers on their smartphones by interacting with the on-screen advertisement.   

    Camera-triggered content 

    Bus stop panels equipped with cameras can detect passers-by and pick up on specific visual cues such as the audience’s age, clothing colour, gender and distance from screen. These cues can then trigger different content to be delivered on screens.  

    Augmented Reality 

    The bus stop advertising panel is transformed into a window into another world when a passer-by is detected in front of the screen.  



    Gamify your brand experience to engage and entertain audiences in front of out-of-home digital screens. Audiences can connect their mobile devices to the screens to steer the character on the display. 

    OOH as point-of-sale 

    Panels can be transformed to a point-of-sale to prompt an immediate call-to-action.