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Innovative OOH Advertising Solutions in Singapore


Pushing the boundaries

JCDecaux was founded on innovation and it remains a key aspect of our advertising campaigns. We provide business partners and advertisers with choice platforms to bring brand messages to life through out-of-home (OOH) campaigns. Our capabilities to support data-driven campaigns allow us to target ads specifically at the intended audience.

Data-driven campaigns

The OOH industry is undergoing a digital transformation. JCDecaux is at the forefront of this change with cutting-edge digital innovative solutions that make us leaders in this field. Our OOH solutions are backed by data, making our media measurable and dynamic while connecting brands to the right audience.

By pairing data-driven planning of campaigns with dynamic content, we ensure that ads reach the intended target audiences at the right place and at the right time with JCDecaux ONE:Optimise

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Creative OOH advertising

Traditional outdoor media leaves room for creativity such as through 3D builds since its early days. The expansion of digital capabilities creates even more ways for brands to conceive memorable experiences for engagement. The versatility of OOH enables different campaigns to captivate urban audiences on the go with creative advertising. The rise of digital out-of-home advertising presents many possibilities for heightened brand awareness and deeper audience engagement in an omni-channel marketing strategy.

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Dynamic DOOH

Ads on digital screens can deliver contextual content relevant for the brand, place, time, environment and audiences. Such dynamic campaigns can be customised to target audiences with real-time feeds to allow personalisation at scale. Social media feeds can also be integrated to create a platform for brand conversations to take place.

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Audience Triggered Content

Engage audiences with DOOH ads according to physical traits like clothing colour, gender, age group, proximity and facial expression. Determine which ads relate most with audiences with data on footfall and dwell time.

Augmented Reality

Transform the bus stop advertising panel into a window to another world when a passer-by is detected in front of the screen. OOH campaigns that leverage on such contextual interactivity are able to leave a lasting brand impression in the audiences’ minds.


Gamification of brand experiences engages and entertains audiences in front of out-of-home digital screens. Audiences can connect their mobile devices to the screens to steer the character on the display.

Live streaming

Stream major events to audiences using digital OOH screens and put them in the shoes of influencers for a day with access to front row seats.

OOH as point of sale

Panels can be transformed to a point-of-sale to prompt an immediate action upon audiences seeing the advertisement.


Integrate offline and online strategies by delivering actionable content to consumers on their mobile devices with beacons placed in out-of-home screens.
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