JCDecaux Group

No. 1 Outdoor Advertising Company in the World

Group Profile

JCDecaux is No. 1 worldwide in street furniture (524,580 advertising panels), No. 1 in Europe for billboards (177,760 advertising panels), No. 1 worldwide in airport advertising with 230 airports and over 280 transport contracts in metros, buses, tramways and trains (395,770 advertising panels) and World No. 1 bike self-service. With a workforce of 12,850 employees, the Group is present in over 75 countries and 3,700 cities of more than 10 000 people and achieved in 2015 a turnover of 3,208 million euros.

Today, JCDecaux is the only group in the three main activities of the trade in outdoor advertising: street furniture, advertising in transport and billboards.

More Than 50 Years of Excellence, Passion and Innovation

Shaping tomorrow’s city

For over 50 years, JCDecaux has constantly decrypt and accompany urban trends. It all started with a simple idea: free install street furniture in cities in exchange for the exclusivity of its commercial operation in prime locations.

JCDecaux has placed innovation at the heart of its strategy by designing street furniture combining public service, design and efficiency. To improve the quality of life of citizens, its products are developed in partnership with local authorities and transport operators. They include bus shelters, MUPI® (Street Furniture For Information), automatic public toilets, columns multi Morris, the bicycle sharing system, the electronic display newspapers, kiosks for flowers and newspapers, terminals clean with recycling device, park benches, candelabras etc.
140 engineers and technicians JCDecaux devote themselves entirely to R & D.

All these information services and devices provide advertising space needed to finance the needs for urban furniture communities. They are deployed in the city center, pedestrian and the busiest road trips and more than a thousand commercial centers worldwide.

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Key Figures for The Group

  • 2015 revenues: €3,208 million


  • 1,129,410 advertising panels in more than 75 countries


  • Present in 4,435 cities with more than 10,000 inhabitants


  • 12,850 employees